Sunday, November 06, 2005


Sunday Report

Perhaps it's earlier than the average human wants to be awake on a Sunday, but no matter. Just caught Steve Kelley's interview with Tom Hauser on At Issue (KSTP). It went pretty darned well in my un-biased opinion. Hauser pressed on taxes and money issues, and I thought Kelley did a great job demonstrating both a solid knowledge of the issues and a plan for how to go about facing them from the Governor's office.

Quick hits from the rest of the show:
--Steve Kelley =/= Randy Kelly. NOT THE SAME PERSON.
--Which animal from the class mammalia does Tim Pawlenty most resemble? Possum? Weasel? Capybara? I can't tell. Thoughts?

[Update] Wow. I misspelled Randy's name even as I tried to define the spelling difference between him and Steve. Sigh. As I said, it was an early morning.

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