Friday, November 11, 2005


Sturdevant weighs in

Rockin' out as usual, Lori Sturdevant weighs in on recent events in St. Paul:

Thoughtful arguments mounted for Coleman's election -- including the one made by this newspaper -- turned not on presidential politics, but leadership style. Coleman's capacity for open, inclusive, consensus-style governance made him an appealing alternative to Kelly, whose feuds with others in City Hall had become impossible to ignore.

Kelly supporters who said that the measure of a good mayor should be substance, not style, misunderstood this reality: In politics, as in many other human endeavors, style and substance are indivisible. The more visible the office, the more important positive personal qualities become to effective performance.

Ye who would be governor, take note.

I'm open to theories as to whom Ms. Sturdevant is supporting in next year's gubernatorial battle, but I get the distinct feeling she and I would agree on quite a few aspects of the race.

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