Monday, November 21, 2005


Steve Kelley on Mass Transit

Good piece :-)

As noted on several local blogs recently, Senator Kelley will be starting a blog diary on MyDD tomorrow (Tuesday) evening. As an advisor, I'll be alongside for the ride, but it will most certainly be Steve shooting from the hip and responding to as many questions and threads as possible in the time we have. The initial diary post should kick off around 5:30 PM central. This is a great opportunity to meet a great candidate in html.

In other news, LloydLetta and NorthStar Politics have some differing but equally good thoughts on the Hatch campaign and the support Kelly Doran seems to be receiving from Iron Range legislators. Earlier in the campaign, I was under the impression that the Range would constitute a natural base for Mr. Hatch to draw from, but Doran's business connections seem to be helping his case in that area, at least among legislators.

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