Friday, November 18, 2005


National Connections

This dKos diary doesn't look like anything special at the outset, but check out the last map, specifically the color of Minnesota. That map represents the decrease in in-state Republican support for Bush.

Wow. Only in California, South Carolina, and New Jersey has there been as marked a decrease in Bush support among those who are supposed to be his faithful flock.

Perhaps this is what the national Republican Party has meant when they call Minnesota a "purple" state - that our Republicans tend to be moderate and don't put up with the level of manure-shoveling coming out of the national Republican establishment.

This is the kind of information our candidates need. As it should always be, 2006 will be decided not by who does a better job turning out their base (as in 2004), but rather by who can unite the interests of the entire electorate. Up and down the ballot, state-wide DFL candidates in Minnesota should be looking to unite the party (as our leaders in Congress have done recently) and really reaching out to disaffected moderate Republicans. Maps like those posted in that dKos diary prove that they're out there, waiting for DFL leaders to lead them.

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