Monday, November 28, 2005


MN-Gov - Hatch website oddities

Have you read this?
How about this?

Was it the table of contents that caused you to click away, or was it the sheer length of these documents? The fact is that these documents are not campaign material. They're not even position papers - if you read them carefully, there is not one iota of what could reasonably be called "position" present in any of Mr. Hatch's purported position papers. Rather, these missives have the appearance of legal briefs, designed for use in the courtroom, but absolutely not equipped for use on the campaign trail. Simply put, the vast majority of engaged observers and voters will neither read nor understand what Mr. Hatch is talking about in these papers, since he's really not saying anything at all, but rather citing fact after bookish fact.

This is to say nothing of parts of's issues with revealing VBscript in the page headers.

My work and support for one of Hatch's DFL opponents aside, he's going to have to let campaign decisions fall to his staff if he wants to have more success in online communications, and sharpen up the message more than a little bit. As his opponents improve upon their name recognition around the state, it's going to be increasingly difficult for Mike Hatch to depend on delegates' and voters' prior recognition of his record as his main appeal in the gubernatorial race.

I hope everyone had a safe, happy, and turkey-filled Thanksgiving weekend, and is looking forward to the holiday shopping season with gusto!

Blogger North Star Politics said:
Hatch isn't a bad gubernatorial candidate, contrary to what many in the MN blogosphere have said, but his campaign is certainly stumbling. The word I'd choose for it is sloppy. The only good news (for him) is that the other candidates have done no better. Hatch's whole campaign strategy has been less than ideal - I think he could have had the nomination wrapped up if he hadn't been so coy about his entry. If he wants to solidify his standing as frontrunner, he needs to fix the little stuff like this. I think it's just indicative of a campaign that doesn't have all its crap together.
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