Wednesday, November 09, 2005


MN-06 - Mortensen out

Hat tip to Northern Debater on this one. Lost in the hubbub of the elections yesterday (did I mention the Democrats won a bunch of races?) was Scotty Mortensen's withdrawal from the 6th CD race:
I began this campaign as an ordinary citizen to run for US Congress to speak up for the interests of everyday people. Unfortunately, we have not generated enough contributions and support to continue. I now formally withdraw from the 6th District Congressional race. These 2006 elections are critical for Democrats to take every possible seat in order to regain control of one, or both houses of Congress to force Republicans to begin to deal honestly with the American people. I feel I can best help the Democratic Party by stepping aside now. In the coming weeks and months, I will be contemplating how I can best help effect political change in our state and nation. I wish to thank all those who have helped and contributed to my campaign. One of the best things that has come out of this is all the wonderful friends I have gained throughout the campaign, and that alone has made it worth it.

Scott Mortensen
I only met Mr. Mortensen once, and he seemed like a nice guy, with the right ideas. But as ND has correctly posited, it's difficult to push back against the local party establishment, the DCCC AND a rather conservative district. Best wishes to him in his future endeavors - perhaps a more local race?

Meanwhile, I'm still not sold on El Tinklenberg. There's always a fine balance to maintain between sticking to the Democratic Party's ideological guns and providing a big tent for various opinions on any given issue, but admittedly having not studied his positions in too much depth, I'm struck by his solidly conservative line on a wide range of topics. Patti Wetterling proved that a strong progressive candidate can succeed in the 6th, and while I respect Mr. Tinklenberg's convictions, I'm not sure it's time yet to call the 6th quits for a strong-willed, clear-speaking progressive candidate.

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