Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Local and National Hangover Day

RT Rybak wins!
Chris Coleman wins! (duh)
Jon Corzine wins!
Tim Kaine wins! (phew)
Ahnuld loses! Four times!
Ohio? Ehh.

Let's talk about gerrymandering for a moment. In states like Massachusetts and Texas, there's some nasty gerrymandering of Congressional districts. In those states, it doesn't really make a difference - Massachusetts would still be all blue, and Texas would still be mostly red Congresspeople if their districting paid attention to lawful requirements of geographic density. As an aside, Minnesota's Congressional map is pretty darned good about this. However, in a state like Ohio, a state which most certainly falls into the "swing" category, it is outrageous that the Congressional map is twisted the way it is to give the GOP a big majority in the Congressional delegation. I'm really surprised to see the difference between the final polls on Ohio's reform initiatives and the vote tallies - seems a bit extreme. Watch the blogs over the next few days very carefully for news on this.

In other news, tropical storm force wind in the Metro area!

All in all, a successful election day for Dems and DFLers. 2006 is a long way off, but I think we have solid party leadership and candidates locally and nationally. We're in a good place, now the DFL just has to turn it up a notch for another 12 months.

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