Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Kelley Campaign's response to MDE's "ethics issue"

Scandal? Not quite. When this "story" broke on MDE, I spoke to the Kelley campaign's communications director and her explanation of how this happened satisfies me both as a Democrat and as a technologically savvy individual. An excerpt of her response follows:
The press advisory issued by the Kelley campaign this morning was sent on a personal computer by a volunteer who has never worked at the Senate. He did, however, create the document based on a sample press advisory from the Senate as a template, a document that was in no way produced by or for the campaign using taxpayer resources.
Essentially, here's what happened: A Senate office press release was used as a template. The work performed on the campaign release was performed on a non-Senate-owned computer, and the document was written using a copy of Word not owned by the Senate either. Rather, the file itself was originally created using that copy of Word, and was completely erased and later filled in with totally new information. If you don't believe that explanation, you can reproduce it: Take any Word document, highlight any or all text therein, then hit DEL. The fact remains, however, that this is an extremely minor issue compared to the immensity of the issues that actually matter in the campaign.

I don't claim to be an expert on intellectual property law, but I'm fairly certain that this doesn't quite qualify as an "ethics violation" as MDE would like it. The full release on the issue will be sent out to my list of contacts in short order. Luckily for us all, the Kelley campaign will very shortly have its own blog up and running, so MDE will have a place to air these things out directly with the campaign. As for my blog, however, I respectfully ask that comments be left only by registered users rather than anonymous. See my recent post on MDE vs. IMP for more on that.

Blogger anon95 said:
So, an anonymous blog is requesting that comments not be anonymous? Nice. By the way, I am a registered user. I just chose that my username be "anon95." So I guess I fulfill your request.
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
My apologies. However, as for my blog being anonymous, it's only as anonymous as Blogger service goes. I don't screen my name out of emails, and don't go to great lengths to keep my identity a secret. If you're mildly intelligent, you can figure out who I am, and it won't affect much.
Blogger Minnesota Democrats Exposed said:
I missed your posts on this subject. I will post something later today. It was not a snub.

Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
No worried - a little humor never hurt anyone. In all seriousness, though, I hope you can accept the veracity of the Kelley campaign's explanation. No admission of wrongdoing is called for or necessary, it's just not as big an issue as you make it out to be.

In a larger sense, as well, think of it this way - how many DFL campaigns do you know of that keep this close an eye on the blogosphere? I didn't tip off the campaign to your original post on the matter - they tipped me off :) I look at that as a net positive.
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