Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Election Day!

So let's get local - excerpt from the final debate between R.T. Rybak and Peter McLaughlin:

McLaughlin noted that he has union support. "Public employees have taken some hard hits," he said, adding that the contracts would be "negotiated" but he declined to cap raises.

Eichten asked Rybak to pose a question of McLaughlin. The mayor then asked McLaughlin to name three things that he (Rybak) had done well in his four-year term.

McLaughlin responded: "You've done a good job living off the fumes of other people's projects."

Rybak responded: "I could say hundreds of things you've done. I've enjoyed working with you. ... This city needs both of us. I think we should both keep our jobs." [emphasis added]

McLaughlin has gotten strong support from a wide array of DFLers and Metro activists. He's a fighter, and obviously cares deeply about Hennepin County, Minneapolis, and Minnesota as a whole. But he has, at long last, revealed his lack of political acumen. This excerpt was an easy verbal trap for Rybak to lay, and McLaughlin walked right into it. McLaughlin looks like a jerk and Rybak comes off looking like the humble leader - all without actually having to name a single thing McLaughlin has done well. Smart.

Polls show the race isn't really close, but Rybak has shown, if nothing else, that he has the political skills to fit his job. Meanwhile, over in St. Paul.....well, let's leave that one alone till tomorrow.

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