Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Becky Lourey's hat in the ring

That's it! No one whose name begins with a letter late in the alphabet is allowed in the gubernatorial race. It's just not going to be tolerated.

Becky Lourey's official announcement brings a new aspect to the gubernatorial race. She is well-respected by many in DFL activist circles, and certainly provides a very different voice in the field.

This release from the Republican Party of Minnesota, however, rankles me.

"Becky Lourey's candidacy is a major setback for Mike Hatch and Kelly Doran. Unlike Mike Hatch and Kelly Doran, Becky Lourey is trusted and well liked by DFL activists who know she will not shift her positions when the political winds change.

"Mike Hatch and Kelly Doran will now have an enormously difficult time winning the DFL primary. To keep up with a steadfast liberal who follows in the tradition of Paul Wellstone, I fully expect Mike Hatch and Kelly Doran to run way to the left on issues like gay marriage, taxes and immigration in an attempt to woo liberal activists and DFL primary voters.

I'm quite sure Ron Carey knows, and has written talking points attacking each of the DFL candidates for governor. Why, then, does he use the phrase "Mike Hatch and Kelly Doran" THREE TIMES in place of "The other DFLers in the race"?

Color me partisan, but I see a long-term Republican Party strategy here.
1. Lean as much as you can on DFLers to push them toward the most liberal voice in the field, thus making it easier for your boss, Mr. Pawlenty, to get moderate votes in November 2006.
2. At all costs, ignore and keep out of the news any candidate you deem a threat.

You get my meaning. Mention everyone but Steve Kelley once, it's just a verbal mannerism. Twice, just repetition. But specifically leave his name out three times, and I'm suspicious that the Republican Party really sees the Senator as a significant threat next year. The DFL has to see through the Republican smoke and mirrors and nominate (and elect) the candidate who really can go out and get the moderate and small-business-owner votes in November.

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