Tuesday, November 22, 2005


An aside on national issues

So my last post was approximately thirty seconds ago. However, there's a question in my mind that hasn't been asked by the mainstream media. It concerns the recent revelations that Bob Woodward, well-known reporter for the Washington Post, also knew about Valerie Plame in mid-2003, having been told about her by an unidentified White House official.

Bob Novak.
Matt Cooper.
Judy Miller.
Bob Woodward.

A slip of the tongue in conversation is a mistake. Twice, maybe it's a bad case of Tourette's. But when four reporters claim to have been told by high-ranking Bush Administration officials of Valerie Plame's identity, I have to wonder (here's that question I mentioned earlier): How many reporters did the White House try to tip off about Ms. Plame? Did they simply flip through their rolodex and call every journalist they knew, throwing classified data to the wind and hoping it landed in someone's column? How desperate was the Bush Administration to smear Joe Wilson and end his wife's career at the CIA? All for the sake of an evidentiary document that turned out to be a blatant forgery?

Just some thoughts on the matter.

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