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MN-Gov: Down with Doran

I am closely involved with the gubernatorial race here in Minnesota, this much I think I make pretty clear. However, in the past month, I have gone from finding Kelly Doran a nice enough, intelligent enough, and politically active enough citizen to like him, to being extraordinarily annoyed at his presence anywhere near the political process. And not simply because he's now dropping millions of dollars into a race against my candidate. Let me expound.

Mr. Doran sent out a letter recently, I'll try to get it scanned and posted within the next couple days if someone doesn't beat me to it (DFL Gov., I'm looking at you). It is by far the worst piece of political communication I have ever seen:

1. It includes a remittance envelope, in case the recipient would like to contribute money to a very wealthy candidate who decided very early in the process that he would spend as much money as he liked on the campaign. See also: Doran billboards. There is also no "ask" in the letter for money--just the envelope. Assuming your recipients want to give you money is no way to raise it.

2. In the body of the letter, Mr. Doran outlines a few of the things he sees as having gone wrong under the Pawlenty Administration:
"Property taxes are on the rise; every government fee imaginable has been increased; poverty is increasing......."

"What I now realize is that I am best suited to achieve these goals as Governor of Minnesota. As the state's top executive, I would be in a better position to provide the leadership it takes to change the direction of our state......"
Do you see what I see? Did he really just allow Tim Pawlenty to continue calling them fees? Let's get something straight, when the government charges you for services or goods rendered - IT'S CALLED A TAX.

Say it with me - IT'S CALLED A TAX. The only reason we have a fee is because Tim Pawlenty made a deal with the Devil (in the person of Grover Norquist) that he wouldn't raise taxes for any reason, not even to pay for better schools, not even to pay for roads or public transportation or to make sure that 30,000 people didn't get kicked off their health care this past session. And you agree with that assessment, Mr. Doran?

Now, let me get one thing straight - by no means am I casting aspersions on Mr. Doran's claims to be a Democrat and to genuinely want to help those less fortunate than himself, but agreeing with a right-wing Republican's economic policies and language is tantamount to approving them. Running away from a knockout, grand-slam issue like taxation nomenclature is already a problem for many Democrats across the country, and it is the reason we are in the minority at the federal level everywhere we look.

At the local level, this speaks of a man who is not only politically inexperienced, but is putting his ambition ahead of the good of the people he wants to help. Business acumen does not equate with its political counterpart, and this letter indicates that Mr. Doran is seriously lacking in the latter. You want to get involved, fine. Run for mayor. Or State Rep. Or any of the other important governmental offices that require both community involvement and a solid financial base. But Governor is an office that is out of Mr. Doran's league. Be it Steve Kelley (hopefully), or Becky Lourey, or Mike Hatch, each and every one would be a better Democrat to face Pawlenty next year than Mr. Doran would. Obviously I'm biased within that group, but each of them knows better than to let Tim get away with calling taxes "fees."

Blogger nk2134 said:
You are either lying or you just don't know what you're talking about. Every time Kelly Doran has opened his mouth since his announcement for governor he has leveled scathing criticism against Pawlenty. Because one letter went out that could have been written a little better you go on the war path? Give me a break. It seems to speak to the desperation of a campaign failing to gain traction. Where was Steve in the Zogby poll recently released? I am amazed by all you people who claim Doran is not a "real" Democrat or say things like he "claims" to be a Democrat, like he's Randy Kelly or something. He would not have Jill Sletten and Tonya Tennessen (and earlier Olin Moore) if he was not for real. I suppose your rant isn't really pathetically blind, it's more just pathetically tainted by the kool-aid.
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
I really hope you're not who I think you are, and you don't work for the DFL. Otherwise it might turn out very badly.
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
Look, I don't doubt that he has a "real" campaign and really wants to be involved in government. But he clearly has no idea of how to do that, and he STILL has not justified his decision to switch races to the people to whom it will matter most. And it's not just the writing of the letter that's important here - remember, this is a self-funding candidate who *sort of* asks for money by including a remittance envelope. This is not the mark of a well-run campaign.

As for the Zogby poll, it's very interesting to note that they DID include Mike Cerisi in the poll.....a guy who's not running for Governor. Makes you wonder when the poll was actually started, and who the names involved were. Polls right now mean n-o-t-h-i-n-g, I would think a political professional like yourself would recognize that.
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