Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Lourey Gubernatorial Announcement Date?

We've now heard tomorrow, October 27th, or after the municipal elections in early November. Which will it be? By the looks of her website, I think we have to assume it will be the latter. Officially hitting the campaign trail without a full-fledged campaign site 24 hours ahead of the announcement has become something of a faux pas.

I still find myself fascinated by Mike Hatch's alleged commitment to abide by the endorsement (on the condition that enough people show up to caucus). Though it might be a win-win proposition going into the state convention for Mr. Hatch given his out-clause, it's interesting given what we've seen and heard in local blogs - that a lot of his close supporters have shown up to events, but a lot of influential party regulars are conspicuous for their absence.

As always, more news as events warrant.

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