Sunday, October 23, 2005

It's live, finally. I'd love to read more about Mr. Hatch, but the html template appears to be wonky. The web guys have had enough time to prepare, you'd think they could prevent the link column from rolling over the text of the page. Worst-kept secret in MN politics, and all that jazz.

However, from what I can read, it sounds like a piece of Mr. Hatch's well-worn stump speech - keep government open no matter what, put people above special interests. Laudable goals, but there are issues that have to be fleshed out here other than "Pawlenty Stinks". As I've said before, campaigning against an incumbent's past conduct in office is not going to move enough voters in the end game to win. As Sarah Janacek, a Republican analyst, correctly mentioned this morning on Almanac (couldn't get her name out correctly in the last post), Mike Hatch's greatest effect on this race will be to unite Republicans against him because of his lengthy history of going after business interests. The simple fact is that some businesses do good things and some do bad things, but as a political force they tend to stick together. Small business owners also tend to be more socially liberal but economically conservative than most Republicans.

What does this mean? We need a gubernatorial candidate who's not going to unite every small business owner in Minnesota against him. We need someone who can talk directly to SBOs and say "You deserve to do business, and I want to help you be successful for yourselves and your community, and Tim Pawlenty is your enemy in this regard." If Mike Hatch says that to the small business community, it's going to ring a little hollow when the GOP brings out the big guns on his record as Attorney General.

In short, I just can't bring myself to believe he can beat Tim Pawlenty, with or without the Minnesota Nurses' Association endorsement tomorrow.

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