Thursday, October 13, 2005


Daily Show Fans, eat your hearts out.....

.....on CNN, of all places.

I don't know who else was watching Lou Dobbs this afternoon, but it was perhaps the most savage, excoriating, brutally critical piece of (non-humorous) political news media I have ever seen.

It was fun to watch.

Lou Dobbs doesn't exactly strike me as a staunch liberal. I can remember many times he had somewhat scathing critiques of Clinton's White House. However, the fluidity with which he, in the space of 25 minutes today, criticized George W. Bush's administration on job creation and outsourcing, on Harriet Miers, on the snafu with Bush's scripted video-conference with troops in Iraq, on absolutely everything (!), was most impressive.

It's not that I'm looking for entertainment, but it really is entertaining to see a widely-respected, moderate news figure seeing the light and leveling a media-howitzer at Mr. Bush.

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