Monday, October 24, 2005


Call me MNGOPWatch's assistant...

...but can Tim Pawlenty's campaign blog really be called that?

One-line entries that are really just quick news updates do not a blog make. Really, really sad. Informal studies have been done on this issue, but the reality is that lefty bloggers, campaigns, and candidates are learning faster how to communicate effectively in cyberspace, and it's never been more evident.

In other news, I wonder when MDE will decide to refute his identification as Michael Brodkorb, former GOP staffer and head of Campaign for St. Paul's Future. Riddle me this - if the GOP claims to be "conservative" and "protective of long-held values," why is that organization so concerned with the future? Or is it just a catchy name for a regressive, backward-looking GOP front group?

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