Wednesday, October 19, 2005


As though we needed more proof

Apparently, now Mike Hatch's committee is answering their phones "Hatch for Governor". Also, his website people changed "Comming soon" to "Coming soon". Always good to have correct spelling on the website.

There is a question to ask here, however - why wait so long? If Mike Hatch announces back in August, then several other candidates disappear. Kelly Doran might have considered getting in, but Hatch's staff have ackowledged that an early announcement probably would have cleared the field a bit.

Mike Hatch may be one of the top candidates in the race. Not my favorite, but he certainly has name recognition and a state-wide organization. Why wait? The only thing this did was complicate the field for those already in the race.

It's wishful thinking, I know...But I would love to see a Kelley/Lourey ticket right now.

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