Saturday, October 29, 2005


Amazing what a little national coverage can do

This is a good example. A few national articles, a screw-up or three by an incumbent, and a big endorsement from an influential Senator and former presidential nominee, and poof - you have a landslide victory coming in a couple weeks for a solid Democrat.

So where do we go from here? Minnesota should be getting more play in the national lefty blogosphere. It's been said in this space before - we live in a traditionally blue state, a weak Republican incumbent in the Governor's office, an open Senate race, several constitutional offices currently held by Republicans, and a split legislature. This state needs national coverage.

And the blogosphere is a good place to get it. Much like Paul Hackett's close miss in the 70%-GOP-baseline Ohio 2nd, attracting attention from around the country is key to activating the grassroots in the state.

Keep up with Daily Kos (recent article covering Tim Pawlenty's "I'll be lucky to get re-elected" comment, over 100 comments). Swing State Project picked it up. MyDD covers the state from time to time. We have to make sure that the national guys know they have contacts on the ground here to pick up information, and let them know how important 2006 will be here, for Minnesota and the entire country.

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