Sunday, October 23, 2005



Almanac is on TPT right now, and it's fun to listen to - criticism of Governor Pawlenty from both sides of the aisle. They're all correct - Mr. Pawlenty has refused to demonstrate any kind of leadership on the special session issue, and has made some very public missteps in how he's gone about trying to recruit support for a sesson, let alone getting a bill done during that session.

Very good point made about Harriet Miers as well - the Republican woman on the panel tried to say that the Court has gotten too elite, but a response got through on that - it's NOT an argument. It's framing the opposition so that people will stop listening to them. There is no argument in favor of her serving on the Supreme Court.

Only problem I hear with Mike Erlandson's bit - it's Iraq. Pronounced "Ee-rahk". Not "Eye-rack". If Democrats are to put up a solid attack on Bush's policies in the Middle East, the least we can do is pronounce Arabic names correctly.

Other than that, a most enjoyable Sunday talk show session on TPT.

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