Monday, October 03, 2005


Advice and Consent

Time for a post not directly related to Minnesota, but rather to the entire political process in the 21st Century.

Up or Down Vote

Their talking points make sense. Attack Democrats who will oppose Miers because she has a shorter track record than John Roberts and an even closer relationship with the inside of Bush's back pocket. Give her a fair up or down vote - of COURSE she's qualified! Some Democrats will do ANYTHING to stop Bush's agenda, they'll ATTACK ANYONE!

Well, frankly, if George W. Bush keeps trotting out campaign staffers with a law degree and ABSOLUTELY ZERO judicial experience, I not only hope, but expect that Democrats in the Senate will oppose them to their dying breath. John Roberts, frankly, was a reasonable nominee to the Supreme Court. He's conservative, yes, but if Democrats want a progressive on the court, we should win some elections.

Miers is absolutely and completely different. This woman isn't even a judge. She's an established partisan, necessarily just outside the mainstream of American politics. The only similarity with Sandra Day O'Connor is their shared gender.

So I put the question to everyone. Which is better: that Senate Democrats universally oppose unqualified shills serving in our federal court system, or that the GOP and their spokespersons in cyberspace universally support such partisan hacks as Harriet Miers? Ms. Miers deserves a filibuster.

So ends the periodic national-politics rant.

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