Thursday, October 06, 2005


Actual Political Talk - MN-Gov

The latest from Inside Minnesota Politics:
Now that he's running for Governor instead of U.S. Senate, we went back to Kelly Doran to talk about Minnesota issues. Just like Governor Tim Pawlenty, Doran is not in favor of the income tax hike Democrats proposed in the last legislative session. But to say Doran is against raising income taxes is wrong. Doran tells Inside Minnesota Politics what was wrong with the tax proposal and what he would support.

Opposing that particular income tax hike is one of the few things Doran has in common with Governor Pawlenty. Doran says there are some sharp differences. He believes in investing in infrastructure...and that includes education.

"The Governor is going to have to explain to me where we're 'throwing money away' at education."

Doran takes aim at Pawlenty's JobZ program, which Doran says is "JobZero" comparing it to subsidizing low-wage jobs at Walmart. He also faults Pawlenty for making a "massive transfer" in the tax burden toproperty taxes, which isn't fair to seniors on a fixed income.

Tough talk, but this excerpt speaks to me of inexperience. Puff up your chest, tell people the Governor will have to explain things to you, and you're inviting him to do exactly that - on his terms. You lose. I'm all for a strong candidate to face and defeat Pawlenty next year, but opposing tax increases that would make Minnesota's education funding system more solvent and more fair across the entire state and would affect only those who most certainly can afford to contribute to the general welfare.....not smart.

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