Thursday, September 08, 2005


More on the Corner Office
It's an older article, but still interesting in retrospect. Right-wing groups have been watching Pawlenty with interest for some time now.

I feel dirty for having pumped up FCF's site counter, but there it is. If we need any more proof that Tim Pawlenty needs to go, it's right there. Right-wing nutbar groups like the Free Congress Foundation (who are anti-choice, don't care much for public education, social security, or health care, and like driving on terribly-maintained roads...if I'm correctly reading their positions on tax regression) love the guy because he puts a human face on their fundamentalist agenda.

FCF is not alone. Although Grover might be annoyed with him over the Cigarette FeeTax, Pawlenty got where he is by making promises to Americans for Tax Reform and the Taxpayers' League not to raise taxes for any reason. Trying to squeeze the middle class out of existence won't do Minnesota any good in the long or short term, and DFLers up and down the ballot need to come together to get rid of Pawlenty and his cronies.

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