Wednesday, September 21, 2005


MN-GOV: Kelley Doran switching in

It now appears that Kelley Doran will abandon his campaign for US Senate and try instead for the Governor's race. This is certainly one of the more interesting moves we've seen so far in the 2006 cycle.

I will be watching Mr. Doran's press conference with great interest, as should you. Specifically, watch for his reasoning about two things: why he got out of the Senate race, and why he's getting into the gubernatorial. These two questions, should he choose to answer them, should weigh heavily on public opinion in the coming months. Any way you cut the pie, Mr. Doran will still have to spend quite a bit of money replacing all those billboards with DORAN FOR US SENATE around the state.

Don't get me wrong, I've met Mr. Doran, and he seems like a nice enough and intelligent enough man. But right now, having not seen the press conference yet, I fail to see what he hopes to gain here. There is already one major DFL candidate in the race, another heavyweight about to enter (we think), and both of them have more political experience and clout within the DFL than Mr. Doran. It will be a long road for him to march for sure.

[disclaimer: I'm working for Steve Kelley's gubernatorial campaign.]
[I feel like I've had to say that a lot lately.]
[Oh well. Politics is politics.]

Blogger North Star Politics said:
You should just toss it up on the sidebar, save yourself some trouble.
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
I might have to do just that :)
Blogger Jukebox Hero said:
Better start looking for a new job
Blogger stp_283 said:
look for a new job? are you kidding me?

the only thing this move has shown us of Doran is that he is only in this for the power - he had no hope in the senate race, so he wants to try his luck for governor.

switching races to make the mn gov. field more interesting maybe? how noble for someone who has become tired and bored with their career in real-estate development and wants to try their hand at politics. Any relevant expierence? Yeah, good luck with that Mr. Doran.

he has no chance.
Blogger nk2134 said:
STP you are crazy if you think he has no chance. What, just because he's not a career politician he has no relevant experience? Being a business executive is not relevant? You are either lying because you have some interest in seeing one of the other candidates become governor or you don't have a clue about governing. Doran has resources, is a moderate and is smart. 14 months from now nobody is going to remember that he switched races. Most people won't ever have known.
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