Thursday, September 22, 2005


MN-03: I'm psychic

I promise I didn't start this thread at DU asking about DFL congressional candidates in the 3rd CD, but there it is. Interesting information however - apparently Jim Ramstad is having trouble with his constituents. Accusing an audience of being sent by must be a page out of the "old-school" book of politickin'.

Whoever the DFL candidate is, whether it's Ms. Watts again or someone else, they're going to have to raise quite a bit of money to really challenge Mr Ramstad. From what I understand, Ms. Watts ran a pretty good campaign last time around, but simply got crushed in fundraising (briefly checked at Money is a necessary evil in this game; if you want to go to Washington, you need to raise some.

Blogger Demrock6 said:
Nope not psychic. You sparked my interest. ;-)
Blogger Northern Debater said:
We need a better candidate then Deborah Watts. Her campaign was poorly run, her fundraising was abysmal, and she just doesn't appeal to the constituents of the Third District.

Who we really could have used was Andrew Boerne but now he's running for State Senate.

Perhapes we should all try to convince Steve Kelley to pull a Doran and switch from Govenor to running for the 3rd CD congress... he's popular, good name recognition, and if it does it once or twice, he will have the numbers to beat Ramstad
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
There are several problems with this idea--

1. Senator Kelley isn't switching out of the gubernatorial race any time soon.

2. He doesn't live in the 3rd CD.

His senate district lies mostly in the fifth, with part of Hopkins in the 3rd. Right on the border, and he is relatively well-known in the 3rd, but he's still not a resident.

And besides, see #1 above :)
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