Sunday, September 18, 2005


MDE is way off base with this one

There are two possibilities here.
1: MDE did the research necessary to make this claim about Steve Kelley and ignored it.
2: MDE is simply lashing out at a Democrat on whom he/she can't get traction any other way.

The 2004 education bill was one of the few things that got done during the session, and it was because of Steve Kelley and his counterpart in the House, Ms. Seagren, whom I believe is now the Commissioner of Education. Look at telecom issues over the last decade, and there is Steve, almost always with a Republican co-author or co-sponsor. You can say that anyone can co-sponsor a bill, but let's look at the way the government is currently constituted: A Republican governor, and a GOP-controlled house. As a committee chair, working with Republicans in the house was absolutely, positively, one hundred percent necessary to get things done in the Capitol. Gaither, Ourada, Ken Wolf, Torrey Westrom, Linda Boudreau, all are Republicans with whom Steve has collaborated to get things done for Minnesota.

This is to say nothing of Kelley's role in ending the special session. The simple fact is, and Sen. Kelley has said this on numerous occasions, is that he's a progressive and believes strongly in progressive values and goals, but has always gone about achieving those goals moderately.

This isn't about talking points, and it's not about the fact that I personally work for Senator Kelley. This is about reality and common sense. The onus is on MDE here to do the research and realize that his/her claim about Senator Kelley is absolutely false.

Blogger Jukebox Hero said:
Yeah, Kelley did a great job reaching out to GOPers with Yecke's appointment.

Then, after she drops out of her congressional race and during the midst of the worst natural disaster on American soil in my lifetime, he has the nerve to attack her. (source)

If he is "bi-partisan" as your boss claims, why was he attacking her when he should have been, like the rest of the nation, trying to help the citizens in the Gulf region.
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
Yecke never should have been appointed in the first place.

And if you read the release properly, you'll note that it did not say anything about Yecke that hadn't been said before, but rather set the record straight regarding an article that portrayed Yecke in a positive and patriotic light.

If you had bothered to do your research properly, you would have found out that Senator Kelley also sent a large-scale message asking for assistance to relief groups operating in the Gulf Coast area at about the same time.

I'm glad to see that you read DFL Governor though. Good stuff there.
Blogger Jukebox Hero said:
Do you and Kelley fear education reform?
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
Define "reform". It seems that the state GOP leadership thinks reform involves choking schools of funds necessary to providing a quality education to Minnesotan children and then forcing schools to improve their performance with less money. I don't call that reform, I call that depriving children of a chance for the future.
Blogger Jukebox Hero said:
All I have to say it that if you look at per-pupil funding in the poorest inner city schools, you'll see that it is much higher than that of the rural and suburban schools. Why then is money alwys the answer?
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