Wednesday, September 28, 2005


MDE gives a Dem props?

It sounds like MDE is about to rip Scotty Mortensen, but then gives him props after posting the text of Mr. Mortensen's message. Comparisons to Paul Wellstone are duly noted.

I can't say I agree with the entirety of Mortensen's message, but it now appears that he's ready to fight a long battle against political forces on both sides that he sees as negative to Minnesota's future. Little to no past political experience, in my opinion, enables Mr. Mortensen to say what he really wants to say, repercussions be damned. If he can get that message to resonate with folks up in the sixth, he could make it a very interesting race.

At any rate, it is refreshing to see a Democrat upping the ante on everyone in his way. Being scared of failure is no way to win a campaign, and it sounds like Scotty has no fear. Meanwhile, I haven't heard much of anything from El Tinklenberg's campaign....Any updates?

Blogger Velveeta S said:
Compare and contrast Paul Wellstone and Scotty Mortensen.

Wellstone had years of progressive, grassroots involvement across Minnesota before he ran for Senate in 1990. A bid for state auditor in 1982. A book about farmers' anti-powerline struggle. Etc.

Scotty Mortensen? Claims of sympathy for various causes, but where's the actual involvement in pro-choice, pro-GLBT, and anti-war movements before 2005? Which specific groups?

Perhaps the progressive DFLers who haven't flocked to Scotty's campaign want more details about the candidate's actual ability to organize and mobilize people.

To simply claim grassroots--where and when specifically has Scotty done this?

Paul built his turf long before running for Senate. Where's Scotty's?
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
I'm not the one who made the comparison - MDE did. I think it was more a comparison of the shared tendency of the two to speak the truth each sees in the world regardless of the consequences.

But again, you would have to ask MDE for the details.
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