Monday, September 26, 2005


Late Entries

With all the recent (and, ostensibly, upcoming) entries and switches into statewide races, I find myself asking a somewhat academic research question - what effect do late entries into federal or constitutional office races have? Positive or negative for the entrant? What about the endorsement/primary opponent?

Any research anyone knows of into this issue is greatly appreciated. If I don't hear any comments, I plan to go ahead and do a little research myself, and I'll present the results at some point soon.

Blogger Zack said:
Though I think your question is a good one, I find it incumbent to point out that Doran's switch and Ciresi's not late by any historical standard.
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
Absolutely noted. However, Ciresi's entrance is interesting given the success that two, and possibly three other DFLers have had in organizing and fundraising (depending on how you define success) already. Again, research is in the offing.
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