Thursday, September 15, 2005


Gains to be had in the State Senate

Press Release from Tim Pawlenty's office

In a nutshell: David Gaither is resigning from the State Senate to become Tim Pawlenty's Chief of Staff. In a district and geographic area that is becoming more blue as it grows (Minnetonka, in the west suburbs), this is an opportunity for strong local DFLers to reinforce the current majority in the Senate, and branch out even further from the Metro area.

While you're on TPaw's website, check out that release about Northwest. Big oily crocodile tears! When in doubt, don't bother using one's office and considerable political clout to protect Minnesotans and their jobs, just blame the system! Considering how many Minnesota jobs are at stake, one would think Mr. Pawlenty could spare a few drops of sweat to actually DO something about the strike and subsequent Chapter 11 filing, rather than sitting on his hands and leaving it to his bosses in Washington to handle what really is a big problem for Minnesota.

Blogger lloydletta said:
Rumor has it that Pawlenty is supporting Bruce Lambrecht for this seat. Lambrecht stands to gain big time should the stadium boondoggle pass.

Another rumored Republican candidate is Judy Johnson - who is mayor of Plymouth. In my opinion, Judy Johnson would be the stronger Republican candidate. Judy opposes the stadium tax.

Any democrat who runs for this seat should run strongly against the stadium tax.
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