Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Almost forgot...

And in case you missed the news this morning, the mayoral primaries in the Twin Cities were last night:

RT Rybak: 45%
Peter McLoughlin: 35%

St. Paul
Chris Coleman: 52%
Randy Kelly: 27% (!)

As I mentioned in a thread over at MDE, it would be difficult for even seasoned GOP operatives to call Kelly's defeat anything but resounding. For an incumbent to be outperformed in his party's primary better than 2:1 means there's a message being sent--a city that voted somewhere around 70% for John Kerry last year does not appreciate a mayor that calls himself a DFLer, yet endorsed George W. Bush. Naturally Randy could pick up support from the city's republican electorate, but enough to get past Coleman?

The Green Party candidate also got nearly 19%, a majority of whom, if they vote in November, can be expected not to vote for Randy Kelly.

The Minneapolis results are also of interest. McLoughlin was the DFL-endorsed candidate, but incumbent Rybak still beat him in the primary. The much-publicized debates in which the two men duked it out over small policy differences were highlighted by Green candidate Farheen Hakeem lecturing them on their antics. While she didn't get enough votes to make it to the general election this November, it was nevertheless good to see a woman AND a minority candidate get face time in the political game.

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