Sunday, August 28, 2005


Writing Staff!

I've recently come to the conclusion that blogging the entire slate of campaigns throughout Minnesota is going to be too huge a task to accomplish on my own. To this end, I'd like to officially ask for the help of all you lefty bloggers out there. It's not going to be an intensive application process, but here are the general requirements:

1. You have to be somewhat non-partisan within the DFL. Obviously I express some opinions in this space, but the simple fact is that almost any DFLer is going to be better than their GOP opponent.
2. At least one post per week. I'd like to keep the content here changing quickly enough to keep it interesting.
3. Quality writing style.
4. That's it.

As noted above, there are many many races going on in the 2006 election cycle. I'm looking for people to cover:

-Secretary of State
-U.S. Senate
-US Congress, CD 1-4
-US Congress, CD 5-8
-State House of Reps
-State Senate

If you're interested, please email me.

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