Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Welcome to MN Campaign Report

Somehow, someway, it feels like Minnesota has faded somewhat from the national blogosphere scene, left and right. This doesn't make much sense:--Traditional Blue state--Republican Governor whose term is up in 2006--Retiring Dem US Senator with a Bush-anointed GOP candidate already declared (Mark Kennedy)--GOP foot soldier in the other Senate seat (Norm Coleman)--Evenly divided Congressional delegation

Ergo, I feel it my duty to get more information about The State That Used To Work out there for everyone to know and get involved. This being my first real experience with dKos diaries, I figured I would start with a Who's-Who in the game in these parts. So, with the caveat that I'm working for one of the gubernatorial candidates, on with the Diary-ing! Mmmmm, extended entry...mmmmm.

US Senate: Messy, messy, messy. To date, four DFLers (Democratic-Farm-Labor's a Midwest thing, I was a bit confused too) have entered the race.

Amy Klobuchar: At this point, must be considered the front-runner. Currently the Hennepin County (Minneapolis and west-burbs) County Attorney, she's the daughter of a well-known and liked newspaper columnist and has long roots in MN. Has raised lots of money, and does well with urban liberals and with out-state country folk. Recently got stuck with two jars of pickles for $25 at a farm auction, which was pretty darned funny.

Patty Wetterling: Known initially for the disappearance of her son and her subsequent advocacy for childrens' safety programs. Ran against Mark Kennedy for his seat in the House in 2004 and lost by a relatively slim margin considering the baseline numbers in that CD. Has also raised a good deal of money.

Ford Bell: Background in veterinary medicine, but has no elected experience other than long-time involvement in DFL caucuses. Grandson of James Ford Bell, who founded General Mills. Is well-spoken, but has to be considered an outsider at this point.

Kelly Doran: Real Estate developer, has cited his business experience and acumen as a selling point in terms of attracting independents and moderate Republicans to vote Democratic. Has invested a good deal of his own money in the race, including a massive highway billboard ad buy, which is a bit weird at this point in the race.

More to come in a future post on the Gubernatorial race, where I have a bit more information and opinions of my own :)

Blogger rew said:
Interesting blog with some very thoughtful posts. I was going to send you an email, but did not see a profile for me to send it to, so I hope you don't mind me writing in your comments instead.

I appreciate your mentioning in several of your posts that you are working in Steve Kelley's campaign. I'm a big believer in bloggers, even if they choose to be annoymous, making full disclosures of any possible ties. You might want to consider posting it in your header for full view for new commmers as your traffic grows. Also, on behalf of your candidate, you might want to consider a statement some where stating that these views are your own and do not represent the candidate or campaign, just to ensure he never gets dinged by anything you post.

Good luck with your site!
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