Wednesday, August 31, 2005


SoS: MDE has it wrong

With all due respect to MDE, you've got it all wrong.

Christian Sande is not doing exactly what he said he won't do as Secretary of State. He's campaigning to replace Kiffmeyer, whom he sees as an overtly partisan public official. If you've ever met him or seen him speak, you know he makes it perfectly clear that he sees the chief responsibility of the Secretary of State to make sure that everyone, white, black, Democrat, Republican, Independent, everyone has the right and the means to vote on Election Day. In Sande's view, Kiffmeyer cannot supply that because of her alleged campaign-related work. That's not double-talk and it's not contradictory, that's the right way to make democracy work.

Blogger Minnesota Democrats Exposed said:
Read my post again. Sande stands up at a press conference without any facts and attacks Kiffmeyer.
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