Thursday, August 11, 2005


MN-Sen: Kelly Doran podcast

Idusogie is pretty good, and I'm going to have to start listening to his podcast more often. I'm sure the focus on Doran in the open Senate race is due to being able to get face time with the candidate. It seems that Kelly is doing his best to portray himself as a regular guy who's more in touch with younger voters than any of the other candidates are. I'm not sure that the "non-St.-Paul-type" argument go with someone like Patty Wetterling in the race as well. Having met him a couple times, I can definitely agree that Doran seems to be a genuine and nice guy, but I see him inheriting Dayton's problems--personally financed campaigns mean that the incumbent goes into his next race with no donor base to speak of, meaning another personally financed campaign, and although Senate terms are 6 years long, it's still a lot of money to spend.

Idusogie's full piece on Kelly Doran can be found at

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