Thursday, August 18, 2005


MN-Gov....sort of.

Cross-posted in my dKos Diary.

From a recent fundraising letter sent by the Mike Hatch Volunteer Committee:
Dear Friend,

Republican Newt Gingrich brought a government shutdown to Washington in the '90s. The Republicans did the same thing here in Minnesota. In the 90's, the Republican-line was called "the Contract with America." Today the Republicans call it a "no new taxes" pledge. And the net result today was the same as in the 90's--people suffer. Ultra-conservative Republicans in Minnesota care more about ideology then [ed: excellent grammar] the people they were elected to serve.
[Blah blah blah, please give Mike Hatch money].
It's that simple. Please don't delay. Your check now helps Mike make a decision on his role in the 2006 race. You can help him by sending him a note of encouragement and a check to help raise crucial early money.


[Mike Hatch Volunteer Committee Person]

[Disclaimer before the dis: I'm working for Steve Kelley's campaign for Governor]

Come on, Mike. Make a decision. Democrats aren't going to put up with this for long. Essentially, Mr. Hatch is saying "Give me money, and if you give me enough, maybe I'll run." That's the image and substance of his stance on the race so far.

Now, I understand that running for any statewide office requires money. Lots of it. However, it also requires a sense of oneself and one's values in order to convince voters across the spectrum that one is prepared to lead and fight for them all. I can also understand Mr. Hatch wanting to wait until after his (recently-failed) lawsuit with Medica concluded, but in politics, timing can be crucial. Receiving a call for cash on the same day Mr. Hatch gets slapped down in court leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

There's another larger issue than Mr. Hatch himself here: It doesn't seem he gets the whole "grass-roots thing". Note of encouragement? What exactly does that mean? This letter seems to be an attempt at engaging everyday folks in the not-yet-a-campaign, and at the same time keeps the focus squarely on Republicans. 2004-style campaigning will not work--simply outlining the opposition's stumbles is not enough to convince voters that our candidate is a better option. This is an important point for all Dems to realize and use to our advantage. The longer the focus is on our candidates up and down the ticket, the better we all do next year.

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