Thursday, August 04, 2005



Good timing--

Over at MNLeftyLiberal, Trillin has an impassioned post regarding Mike Hatch and the governor's race. Since I'm working for Hatch's chief DFL opposition, I figured it would be good if I could stay impartial, but I wasn't expecting this much anti-Hatchery. My only hope is that we can get some positive Steve Kelley blog-ink as well.

The only bit I disagree with is leaving a vote for Governor blank. Under no circumstances can I condone handing the election to Tim Pawlenty on a silver platter. I'm sure there are factions within the GOP who aren't huge fans of the Governor, but for them, he's better than the alternative. As the more rational of our two major political parties (most of the time), I think we have to exercise some vigorous cost-benefit analysis, and admit that even if we don't like Mike Hatch, even if he beat our guy in the primary, he would be better than allowing Pawlenty another term.

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