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MN-GOV: Steve Kelley Press Release

[Disclaimer: I'm working for Steve Kelley's campaign]

Regardless of the disclaimer, however, this is worth posting. Separation of Powers is an important issue, locally and nationally, but in the case of the recent government shutdown, I think the GOP is making a power play out of a molehill of an issue. The courts sustained funding for necessary medical and social services, which otherwise would have been cut off. Perhaps it's not directly part of the courts' responsibility, but the incentive for legislators to get the job done should be coming both from their constituents AND the Governor. I think Mr. Pawlenty spent more time trying to defend his conservative credentials and those of his party in the Legislature rather than pressuring both sides to get the job done.

But I digress. On to the press release!


PRESS RELEASE – For Immediate Publication

For further information:

Brian Lambert
Kelley for Minnesota
[Contact info redacted]


Golden Valley, August 25th - Sen. Steve Kelley, DFL candidate for Governor, today labeled Republican efforts to limit the court’s role in the event of a future state shutdown as a blatant power grab. Citing the “long-honored tradition of checks and balances in our state and federal Constitutions,” Kelley lauded the courts for providing a valuable safety net to citizens in need of vital medical services during the recent historic state shutdown.

“The Republicans are simply going too far,” Kelley said. “They control all branches of the federal government, most of state government – and now they want to tell the judiciary how to operate.”

“Instead of seeking measures to prevent a future government shutdown, House Republicans have opted to lash out at the courts, who prevented serious, even dangerous, outcomes for some Minnesotans,” Kelley said.

“The Court prudently issued an order for continuing certain essential services to those most medically in need,” Kelley continued. “We can all disagree about what services are most essential, but at some point – especially when those elected to do so cannot fulfill their responsibility – the courts may be called upon to prevent dire results.”

Kelley went on to charge that the Pawlenty Republicans with were engaged in just another example of “ideological extremism.”

Kelley questioned Governor Pawlenty’s reaction to the Republican legislators’ actions, noting that the Governor had asked his counsel, during the summer shutdown, to challenge the Court’s ruling for continuing medical services. “The Governor wanted to shut down the entire government a few months ago, why is he surprised when others in his party want to do the same thing now?” Kelley asked.

During the recent special session, Kelley was a leader of a bi-partisan group of House and Senate members seeking to find a resolution to the deadlock. It is the view of some capitol observers that the tenacity of this “rump group” helped pressure partisan leadership on all sides to accept compromise and end the stalemate.

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Blogger 1773SOM said:
And guess who argued to keep those services going....Mike Hatch. Thank you Steve Kelley for reminding me why he is a much better candidate than you to be the next governor.
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
Actually, I'm somewhat impressed that you took the time to make the rounds to at least four different blogs and tell us how you feel. I don't see how Hatch and Steve Kelley agreeing on opposing Republican power grabs decides anything about Democrat vs. Democrat. I think it does demonstrate that Steve Kelley is ready and able to stand up to Pawlenty and the GOP, and that's what this press release is about.

However, if you're intent on battling within the party so we can all lose, drop me a line and I'll give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.
Blogger Trinhmaster said:
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