Monday, August 08, 2005


MN-Gov: Mike Hatch

Disclaimer: I'm working for a DFL gubernatorial candidate.

Star Tribune has a well-balanced article about Mike Hatch, who is "widely rumored to be considering a possible run at the Governor's office next year." I'd say it's a good possibility. Although the article runs a good portrayal of his style and substance--confront the bad guys and go after them tooth and nail--it highlights a problem with him as a leader: namely, he's not. Governors need the ability to consult with all levels and parties within the Legislature, and I don't think Mike has demonstrated that he has that ability.

Of course, making sure his name stays in the news will go a long way toward drowning everyone and everything else out. For better or worse.

[Update] Wow, that was weird. Technical funkiness now handled.

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