Tuesday, August 16, 2005


MN-Gov: Hatch vs. Medica

I keep trying to avoid the Gubernatorial race because my boss is a candidate in it, but it keeps coming up. [Disclaimer: He's Steve Kelley]

MPR had a piece this morning on the legal matter currently pending between Mike Hatch and the Medica HMO board:

"Nobody approves of wrongdoing by charities. It's really a wonderful issue for AGs who are political figures. There have been several other situations where AGs have used their power excessively, and I think this may be one," Fishman says.

Solicitor General Lori Swanson didn't wish to comment on whether Hatch's political aspirations played a role in the case. He is often mentioned as a possible DFL contender for governor, but hasn't said whether he'll run next year. But last May, Hatch sent a fundraising letter to DFL contributors, asking them to help him finance a gubernatorial campaign.

Mike Hatch has been somewhat evasive until now concerning the upcoming race for the Governor's office. Is it possible that he's waiting for the outcome of this case? If he wins, he not only gets new powers over the HMO system, but also hits a home run in the media--noble Attorney General fights for the People against evil HMOs. If he loses, however, it's a slap in the face for Mr. Hatch: His political reach is diminished, bad press, and perhaps most importantly, decreased fundraising potential. If the decision goes against him, is it possible that he will call off his candidacy for Governor altogether?


Blogger Trillin said:
I think that it is still a long shot he backs out.

For months he was rudderless. Sending out small mailings for his Governor's campaign account and not traveling much.

Now he is traveling, has hired on, or is about to hire on, a real fundraiser, and has told his inner circle he is running.

If he backs out now, he will look bad, and loose a lot of their support.

That being said, this is still Mike Hatch and he is crazy enough to do just about anything.
Blogger lloydletta said:
It looks bad for him now no matter what - and this helps Steve Kelley.
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