Monday, August 22, 2005


MN-06: Patty (could come) to the rescue!

If (and I stress IF) Patty Wetterling were to step aside in the Senate race and focus on CD6, I feel pretty good about her chances. This goes for the general election, as there don't appear to be any high-profile DFL candidates right now.
(Links lifted from DFL-CD6's website)

I haven't met either of these gentlemen, but being something of a technophile and more than something of a web programmer...these websites don't jump up and yell "professional campaign here!" I'm pretty sure Mortensen's website was exported directly from MS PowerPoint. Tinklenberg's site looks nice, but the lack of solid information on his positions is a big problem, even more than a year away from the election. We're well into the 21st century here folks, the least you could do is hire a decent web designer to edit your position statements for grammar and make them look nice.

That being said, they're running for an open endorsement in an open race until Patty says otherwise, so they're certainly worthy of our attention.

Blogger Zack said:
I think you are WAY too quick to judge a campaign by their website, especially more than a year away. El Tinklenberg is running a great campaign. I saw his announcement speech 3 months ago and it was solid. More of my thoughts on this are here:
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
It's possible, and I acknowledge my bias. However, I think my bias exists for a decent reason--Compared to how many people will view any campaign's website, how many read or hear the announcement? A strong candidate needs a strong communications team, and a strong communications team needs a strong WWW component as part of its strategy.
Blogger Zack said:
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Blogger Zack said:
certainly. but most campaigns aren't trying to talk to the general public right now. most campaigns spend the off years trying to raise money and build support among activists. tinklenberg seems to be doing a great job on both counts.
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