Wednesday, August 03, 2005


MN-02: Coleen Rowley

Prison4BushCo has a post here regarding Coleen Rowley, the now (in)famous FBI whistle-blower who got canned for sticking to her views on false Iraq intelligence. Although she doesn't have much in the way of political experience, she does have pretty good name-rec state-wide, and as P4BC mentions, Daley lost pretty badly in '04. Kline is popular in the 2nd, which includes several exurbs in Dakota County that are growing faster than the state average and trending Red. As with many races around here, we'll see how the message plays leading up to the Caucuses in March...

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Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
Why thank you for your lucid and trenchant comments concerning Minnesota's place in the universe. You are truly our demographic here at MNCR.
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