Wednesday, August 10, 2005


MN-02: Coleen Rowley Editorial

Star-Tribune has an editorial by Coleen Rowley concerning Bush's failed Middle East policies and actions. Great to see that Ms. Rowley is using her national profile to good effect, and here's to hoping it goes a long way toward picking off the 2nd CD.

However--it strikes me that twice, TWICE she repeats the language used by Rumsfeld and Myers. Hasn't she read Don't Think of an Elephant? In my personal opinion, the most hard-hitting insight in that book is not the over-arching model of political discourse, it's that if you use the other side's language, it doesn't matter if you follow it with "is bad" or "is all wrong". The language is all people remember.

Make it "Bush's failed attempt at Mideast peace." Make it "This Administration's Vietnam" (nothing like scaring up a few ghosts in Rumsfeld's closet). Don't just parrot the words that the other side has already used!

Blogger Arianna said:
You'd better appreciate this. I just had to sign up for a blogger blog, which I swore I would never do, so I could post this comment.

I saw Rowley at a gathering down in Belle Plaine, she is about as politically green as it is possible to get. I don't think anyone has ever discussed "message disipline" or Lakoff's book with her.

Basically what I'm saying is I agree 100%. Her analysis is good, but she has no idea how to present it in the most politically effective terms. I have a feeling the campaign will be giving me migraines for some time to come.
Blogger MN Campaign Report said:
In that case, who else is running for the DFL endorsement in CD2?
Blogger Trinhmaster said:
Teresa Daly, she has run before and I wouldn't be suprised if she ran again.
Blogger 'yeti said:
Yeah, I don't know about Daly. I wasn't particularly excited about her, but she was the best we had down here last time around. I'd go for Rowley hands down. I don't think her political greenness will hurt as much as it would against a Mark Kennedy, for example - Kline plays dirty like all DeLay-brand Republicans, but he's not strong, and he doesn't have charisma.
Blogger rew said:
Isn't Daly a republican? She is the one who works for Right Management, correct? And did the adds from her large spacious wood home last time?
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