Saturday, August 20, 2005


MN-01 - Tim Walz

To be totally honest, I wasn't incredibly impressed when I first saw Tim Walz's website. I'm a sucker for online communications strategy, and his website didn't really catch me, in delivery or content. The issues page is currently a little soft.

But then I noticed that he was somehow associated with Paul Hackett - Walz is also a veteran of the Iraq war. This caught my attention; if you read left-leaning blogs and don't know who Paul Hackett is yet...well, I can't help you. The recent special election in Ohio's 2nd CD went down to the wire, with Hackett using blunt criticism of President Bush and the corrupt Ohio GOP to garner nearly 48% of the vote in a 70% baseline GOP district. While Gutknecht is popular in CD1 here in Minnesota, a similar strategy could be effective--with Bush's approval numbers dropping weekly, hang the President and the war around the incumbent's neck and make sure he can't get out from under the weight of either. Even if it's not enough to beat a popular incumbent in a conservative district, this will rally the progressives and get them out to the polls for other statewide races.

But as for Walz, I will reserve judgment until I (hopefully) get a chance to meet him. Other bloggers have good things to say, so I will defer to their positive opinions. Check him out:

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