Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Constitutional Office Races

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One need only look to Ohio in 2004 to measure the importance of a political party holding state-wide elected positions other than Governor or Senator. Secretary of State is easy - it's his or her job to administrate voter registration and the actual process of voting, including setting up polling stations, making sure voters' rights are protected (Ken Blackwell, I'm looking at you), and ensuring that voting machines are accurate and unbiased.

It's not just SoS either. There's an organization called Campaign for a National Majority, whose goal is to eventually become the "Democratic Farm Team." The theory is simple - Governors get elected President. Who gets elected to gubernatorial office?

Their research has concluded that state-wide offices - AG, SoS, Lt-Gov, Auditor, etc, tend to move up well into the Governor's office. State-wide name recognition, experience, and other personal factors figure into CNM's research and subsequent endorsement process. They're young, but they've had good success so far, and are in it for the long haul.

Secretary of State: Mark Ritchie and Christian Sande are two quality Democratic candidates for Secretary of State. Mark made a name for himself with the November 2 Campaign, coordinating national voter registration efforts to oust GWB. Christian is an election lawyer, relatively young and very well-spoken, and making some very good impressions across the state.

Attorney General: There's not a whole lot of action on this front reaching my ears just yet. Several possible contenders are waiting for Mike Hatch to officially enter the gubernatorial race, trying not to step on his heels. However, GOP opposition can be expected with the incumbent almost certainly trying to move across the hall into Pawlenty's office.

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